Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I guess most of you know about IPTV. What does IP stand for? Wrong guess - it stands for Idiotic and Problematic TV.

I had put IPTV connection - conceptually its truly great as we can view customized channels, video on demand is super cool etc. But the biggest problem as of now is that due to speed which is not enough to carry the TV signals it hangs up frequently. I am not a great TV fan but still if you are watching something and all of a sudden it hangs up, its nothing idiotic or problematic like that.

I am very sure that IPTV is going to be a great success as we do not have to worry about Rains like we do with out DTH or about the power cuts in cable office like we do if we have a local wired cable connection.

Better go for IPTV after it is a great success.

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